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Letter from 2012 FCA Scholarship Winner

My name is Phil Reinhart and I am a proud winner of the FCA scholarship! I can't described the dense thankfulness that I have for all of the support I have receive throughout my years at Finneytown High School. Next year, I am on to my next journey at Duke University, and it wouldn't have been possible without Ftown. I will be studying pre-med biochemistry and of course I will be playing my trumpet to cheer on the Duke Blue Devils.

I fell in love with band, National Honor Society and the many other clubs at Finneytown because of the amazing personalities of all of the teachers and advisors. But if I had to choose my favorite memories, it would be how greatly driven the students and teachers have been in community service. I founded the Learn the Life program my Junior year hoping for nothing more than a few student's change of mind. I was never expecting the school to rally behind me to create such an outcome. We have raised about $11,000 in the past two years for the Village Life Outreach Project, and the program will happily continue this following year to raise a magnitude of awareness.

Village Life has also become a very important project to me personality. My Junior year, I was asked by the Founder to travel to Tanzania to do water clarity research all because of the incredible guidance in research with Mr. Breines. I love the people of Tanzania and I love the work from Village life.

I hope that gives a slight picture of my community service in High School. I only hope Finneytown remains as giving and loving as it was when I was there.


2010 FHS Steve Elliott Service Award Winners
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